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The Heavyweight Chumps, Mattox and Thundercookies, bring you the on-demand version of The XXL Radio Hour from
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In each episode catch an exclusive interview via the FatLine where previous guests include WWE HOFer Tito Santana, MTV 2 host Matt Pinfield, Scott Page of Pink Floyd, Marvel Artist Dean Zachary, Comic and film enthusiast Rick Ramos and more.
So, whether it’s music, movies, mainstream or independent film, comics or video games, get your weekly diet of pop culture with The Heavyweight Chumps!

New Episode #NXTTakeoverInYourHouse, #SpiderMan #UltimateSlipNSlide, #MacGruber, #HeMan, #MillionDollarChampion. Oh yeah, it’s going the fuck down tonight on @Radio_Memphis. Join in the fun! #AndThenThereWere2 #oneinchpunch

The Chumps wrestle with A&E’s @BretHart biography, dig up details on a new #EvilDead, try on the new #wetjeans look, then exorcise that #demon by discovering another in #ConjuringTheDevilMadeMeDoIt! Listen on @tunein and

It’s the one with the downstairs neighbor from Friends, on the newest on-demand episode of the XXL Radio Hour from It’s Mattox, Thundercookies and Larry Hankin. Also, new Cape & Cowl, What’s Poppin, Hillbilly Headlines and MORE.

It’s a pop culture pig out this week on the XXL Radio Hour Tuesday at 10 pm with Chef Steph Cook of Rawkn Grub! We talk about his passion for food and the new evolution of his vision. Also this week we get into the Flamin Hot debate, discuss the possibility of a DCEU animated film. Oh, and we talk about a real super hero in Cape n Cowl! Listen live on the Tune In app or

Tonight! 10 pm CST on (@Radio_Memphis), The Chumps head to #Bedrock, swing thru for some #foodnews, visit the #FatCave for news on #IronMan & #Batman, stop for shit slinging @KidRock’s bar and catch up with Tony Manard! All this and more.

The Chumps talk with the head honcho, the leader supreme, the be all end all at Radio-Memphis, Ric Chetter. Of course we have hillbilly headlines and what's poppin and cape and cowl news. Join us won't you.

We’re heading down the road of nostalgia this week! We have Godzilla vs Kong in What’s Poppin. Each of us give our WrestleMania picks, and we get to rewind our own lives for a bit while renting details about The Last Blockbuster from director Taylor Morden. All this, plus Cape & Cowl, Hillbilly Headlines, and more. As always Memphis AF.

Our friend, filmmaker, and host of @fanroomlive, Stacey Toy hangs to talk working w/ @CedEntertainer, @AEW star Paul White, aka Big Show. Also- #peepsi, @TheRock wanting #thesnyderverse to continue, a ship of sex toys & more.

Lights. Camera. Action! On this On Demand episode of the #XXLRadioHour with the Heavyweight Chumps it’s movie madness as the fellas talk with filmmakers from the SLO Film Festival about Ahead of the Curve and Vinyl Nation. Also tonight: A pair of Texas-sized reboots, food news, The Snyder Cut, a bloody women’s match from AEW, Hillbilly Headlines... and more.

But why’s the rum gone? Because our guest Steven Gubb wanted us to try the fantastic Gubba Rum! Steven talks with us about his entry into the liquor industry. Also on this episode: Charlotte Flair in a Walking Tall Remake? Texas Rangers honor Charlie Pride Wrong Turn: The Foundation And more!

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