The Heavyweight Chumps

Mattox & Thundercookies wrestle with movies, tv shows, guests. Oh and wrestling. They may take you for a burger, a beer or give you an inside look at independent film festivals in the South. ‬‪Past guests include Matt Pinfield, Muck Sticky, Al Kapone, Bill Behrens, Rick Ramos, Dana Nachman,and more. They truly are mad fat and LOUD.

We go down a rabbit hole on a sandwich quest with Ryan Hopgood, who started the now viral Facebook Group, The Memphis Sandwich Clique. From the Sultan of Sammies, we learn why he started the group, whether a hotdog is a sandwich, and, of course, what makes a good sandwich. As a side dish to that delectable main course, Mattox and Thundercookies serve up a new “Freshly Popped” and sink their teeth into the recently announced Matrix 4 and the Disney+ Obi-Wan Kenobi limited series. Put on a bib. This could get messy! Be sure to visit for more from the Heavyweight Chumps.

Our extended interview with Jodie B, host of The Po Boys Podcast dives into movie and tv recommendations and even more craziness as things go off the rails. It’s as good as chocolate gravy on a warm biscuit.

He’s just a Po Boy and Errbody loves him. Jodie B, host of the Po Boys Podcast joins us for a candid discussion about inappropriate cartoons, the fatness of Arkansas, and even takes some suggestions from the Chumps for shows to start watching. Also on this Episode: •The makings of a Wednesday Night Wrestling War between NXT and All Elite Wrestling. •A look at what might be next for Spider-Man following the announcement that Disney/Marvel will not be involved with Sony on future films in the franchise. •We prepare for a return to Eternia after Kevin Smith’s reveal that he will serve as executive producer/show runner of He-Man: Revelations for Netflix

Part 2 of our Memphis Film Prize coverage is here! During today’s episode Mattox and Thundercookies talk short films with the creators and actors behind-
HANGRY where a nursing home resident longs for better food after confusing his days.
PAGES a gut-wrenching look at depression from two different points of view.
THE TRUTH LIES UPSTREAM is a southern suspenseful drama that starts out dark and takes an even darker turn as characters learn the truth about unresolved cases.
A NIGHT OUT- The winner of the festival’s $10,000 Prize is an eye opening look at a young woman’s evening at a party becomes her worst nightmare.

We got the Prize! Actually, we got to interview representatives of 9 of the 10 finalists competing for the $10,000 Memphis Film Prize. Our interviews will be split into a pair of episodes airing today and next Tuesday. Films discussed during this episode are The Checklist, Soul Man, Without A Roof, Life After Death and Mea Culpa. It was Great getting to take part in this event and meet all the great talent. Be sure to follow our guests on social media.

As Summer Vacation draws to a close, we’re going back to camp with filmmakers Ivon and Eyan Wuchina for Eggs Erroneous, parachuting turtles, the Path of the Brave and to remember our favorite camp counselor Ernest P. Worrell. This is all possible thanks to Ernest Day, a short film documentary created by the twin graduates of the The University of Memphis as a way of keeping the memories of Ernest, and the late Jim Varney alive. Ernest Day features interviews with Varney’s co-stars, Director and family captured on-site in Tennessee at the camp used in Ernest Goes to Camp. You don’t want to miss this, Know What I Mean?

The Fool From Memphis, Tony Manard, fresh off filming a new music video featuring The Chumps, is back via the Fatline to share tales from the shoot and his BRAND NEW ALBUM! He gives us a behind the scenes look at the recording process, talks about his work in TV and Radio before things take a slippery slope when discussing something called Jig-A-Loo and bad potential band names. This episode is truly Memphis AF.

Things go slightly askew this week as Mattox and Thunder Cookies welcome Les Brown of Not a Boring Soup, to talk about the impact of filmmaker/podcaster Kevin Smith’s multifaceted career. The guys share stories of their first experiences with the films of the View Askewniverse, the White North films, and the numerous podcasts hosted by the Not So Silent Bob. The conversation turns serious for a moment, as Chumpy Soup talk about Smith’s heart attack just over a year ago, before they geek out over the upcoming Jay and Silent Bob Reboot! Brought to you by Artist Vodka. Be sure to check Out!

Yes We Cannes

The Chumps welcome back Oxford Film Festival Alumnus, Cheryl Allison, who shares tales of her journey from Oxford to Cannes and everywhere in between. Her story is about more than filmmaking as the discussion turns to the LGBTQ+ Community, being in New York for the World Pride event. Cheryl also shares her own story of coming out. We hope you enjoy this moving and insightful episode! Brought to you by Artist Vodka. Be sure to check Out!

We’re taking a trip to the Garage Kitchen with Michele Guild, host of the Welcome to My Show podcast. It’s an all around whacky time as this Little hellion regales us with tales of bad food, bad dates and bad jokes. Oh, and we hear about the time her curiosity won out and she LICKED the handrail while in line for a roller coaster! Mattox and ThunderCookies shoot the breeze about Netflix cancellations, and there’s a Weigh In of Worst Snack Foods!

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