The Heavyweight Chumps

Mattox & Thundercookies wrestle with movies, tv shows, guests. Oh and wrestling. They may take you for a burger, a beer or give you an inside look at independent film festivals in the South. ‬‪Past guests include Matt Pinfield, Muck Sticky, Al Kapone, Bill Behrens, Rick Ramos, Dana Nachman,and more. They truly are mad fat and LOUD.

From comics to the cosmos, The Heavyweight Chumps have it all, tonight on!
Comic Book artist Dean Zachary is on the FatLine with Mattox to unwrap the Lego Star Wars Holiday Special, The Mandalorian and a heck of a lot more.
Meanwhile The Chumps talk Feed the Blues, A 40 foot Leg Lamp, a female kicker in the SEC and break out a new segment- The Cape & Cowl Society. Tune in at 10 pm CST.

It’s a special (effects) episode for the Heavyweight Chumps when effects guru Joe Castro hits up the FatLine to discuss Terror Toons and horror films! Originally aired on

Reboots, Returns, Robots, Mr. Satan & Adam. That’s right. The Chumps have a big show for you. We talk Reboots of Short Circuit and The Scorpion King, returns from Ridley Scott and James Cameron to beloved franchises; A whole bunch of Batman news; a Waffle House beer and a FatLine Interview with musician Adam Gussow about the Satan and Adam documentary (Available on Netflix).

It’s a virtual buffet with The Heavyweight Chumps who have to share their thoughts on the KFC Log, Wedding Crashers 2, Johnny Depp’s firing by Warner Brothers and more. Director Miles Doleac and producer/actor Lindsay Williams are on the FatLine to talk about their films The Dinner Party and Demigod and even a little football.

HWC S2 E7 CJ Graham

While Camp Crystal Lake is closed due to the pandemic, go back in time with us and enjoy our conversation with the man who brought Jason back to life in Friday the 13 VI: Jason Lives, CJ Graham!

In this week’s Radio replay of The Heavyweight Chumps Radio Hour (original air date 10/15/19, Mattox and Thundercookies get a first hand account of working on the John Hughes/Chris Columbus hit Home Alone from actor Larry Hankin. The conversation goes from Hankin’s filmmaking and his return to acting in Gran Torino, Netflix’s Breaking Bad universe film.

HWC S1 Ep2

Mattox and Thunder Cookies talk to director and activist Cheryl Allison. This is taken from the radio show on

Thunder Cookies and Mattox sit down and talk shop with Jodie B of the Po' Boys Podcast.


The first episode of the radio show. HWC Radio Hour. Mattox and Thunder Cookies talk with Rick Ramos about movies.

Earth Nerds Are Cheesy! What’s that, you ask. It’s a brand new show from 1/2 of the Heavyweight Chumps where (Mattox) and co-host Kevlar Kate, an actress and cosplayer, nerd out on all things geek! In this debut episode the hosts offer their advice on shows viewers should be binging, and which they should purge. Then the Duo of Dorkiness offer and in-depth look at SYFY’s original series The Magicians and the craziness that unfolds during the first four seasons. Join us and let your geek flag fly!

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