The Heavyweight Chumps

Mattox & Thundercookies wrestle with movies, tv shows, guests. Oh and wrestling. They may take you for a burger, a beer or give you an inside look at independent film festivals in the South. ‬‪Past guests include Matt Pinfield, Muck Sticky, Al Kapone, Bill Behrens, Rick Ramos, Dana Nachman,and more. They truly are mad fat and LOUD.

Earth Nerds Are Cheesy! What’s that, you ask. It’s a brand new show from 1/2 of the Heavyweight Chumps where (Mattox) and co-host Kevlar Kate, an actress and cosplayer, nerd out on all things geek! In this debut episode the hosts offer their advice on shows viewers should be binging, and which they should purge. Then the Duo of Dorkiness offer and in-depth look at SYFY’s original series The Magicians and the craziness that unfolds during the first four seasons. Join us and let your geek flag fly!

The Heavyweight Chumps go Off Script this week with business owner and one the organizers of the Indie Artists Market, Jeni Harris. Jeni educated the boys on what’s available at the market and within the Memphis Artistic Community prior to Saturday’s Grand Opening in Bartlett! Mattox and Thundercookies take a quick look at the build up to Saturday’s AEW Pay-Per-View event and bring back the Weigh In to talk about wrestlers from their childhood era!

Fired up and fed up after emerging from a hip-hop rabbit hole, Mattox and Thundercookies recap the Amazon documentary #FreeMeek and the controversy surrounding it. From hip-hop to the independent film community, the Chumps are joined by actress/cosplayer and, quite possibly BatGirl, Kate Mobley answers they FatLine to nerd out about superheroes, sci-fi and more.

Part of The Heavyweight Chumps independent film family, Michael Williams, is on the FatLine on this week’s Off Script to talk about the upcoming Magnolia Film Festival (The Mag) in Starkville, Mississippi. The guys get the inside scoop on new additions to The Mag and detail the history of Mississippi’s oldest film festival, from Williams. Also this week Mattox and Thundercookies look at the possibility of new sequels to Ace Ventura and The Mask starring Jim Carrey, as well as Sam Raimi’s return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe to direct Dr. Strange 2.

It’s back to their roots as fans and supporters of independent film this week on Off Script with The Heavyweight Chumps. Joining Mattox and Thundercookies to talk about the upcoming 17th Annual Oxford Film Festival (March 18-22) are husband and wife actors Johnny and Susan McPhail. Also this week the guys look at Marvel’s plans for the stars of the canceled Netflix Defenders series and Mattox finally blows his top about the over exposure of Baby Yoda.

Sure your boys the Heavyweight Chumps aren’t cowboys. They haven’t even played on in the movies, but their guest on this week’s Off Script has! The guys answer the call of actor/writer Patrick Lescarbeau to discuss his Reconstruction Era western and the actors and films that inspired him. A fun conversation even breaks out about Blazing Saddles. Mattox and Thundercookies also say goodbye to pro wrestling legend Rocky Johnson and founding member of Monty Python, Terry Jones.

We dive into the some fun Hollywood stories with actor Pat Jankiewics and Steve Joiner. You’ll hear stories from horror films and encounters with fans and other celebs at conventions. Tune in to see how Mattox and Thundercookies react to the tinsel town Hijinks.

The Heavyweight Chumps are back with Off Script, a podcast focusing on good times and good conversation. Join Mattox and Thundercookies as they discuss the Young Frankenstein musical at ABC; a Redneck Remix of Hillbilly Headlines and then, it’s just the facts ma’am, as Lisa London calls in on the FatLine to share Dragnet stories.

The South invades your earholes this week as Georgia actor Eric Morris (MacGyver) hangs with Mattox and Thundercookies to talk about acting and the road he’s taken. It turns into a fireside chat about football, family and Texas Chainsaw The New Generation! If you are a young actor looking for pointers or you just want to hear about westerns and Matthew McConaughey, this episode has something for you- including a GIVEAWAY! Listen to find out how to enter

During a stopover at Pirate Radio Studios and Radio Memphis, Thundercookies and Mattox sit down with the captain of the ship, Ric Chetter to look back on the last six months and the development of the Heavyweight Chumps Radio Hour. The conversation quickly turns from radio to potty talk about bidets and mutual hatred of certain advertising spokespeople.

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